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An expungement is a process by which a criminal charge is permanently erased from your record.  If your criminal charge has been dismissed, then you are generally eligible to have such charge expunged from your record after 60 days.  If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor and you meet certain criteria, you may be eligible to have that conviction expunged from your record.  If you have been convicted of a Class A, B, or C felony, that conviction cannot be expunged.  A recent law has passed which allows certain Class D felonies to be expunged if you meet certain criteria (House Bill 40).


Many people are under the impression that once a case is dismissed it is automatically erased/expunged from your record.  This is NOT true.  Even dismissals must still go through the expungement process to be removed from your record.   If your offense is eligible to be expunged, I can handle all of the paperwork and go to court without you ever having to make an appearance.  If you are interested in expunging a charge/conviction from your record, contact Zach Berry to discuss the matter.

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